ZTE recently reintroduced Android Smartphone that some time ago has been introduced. At the last May, ZTE has been officially announced ZTE N880E smartphone, but shipped using the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system and has sold over one million units. Do not want to disappoint their customers, ZTE introduced a ZTE N880E smartphone on July […]

How To Stop BlackBerry Curve From Vibrating


If your BlackBerry Curve is constantly vibrating all of the time, even if you are not being called, texted, or emailed it can be quite annoying.  Here are some things you can try to stop this from happening: 1.  Switch off the vibrate function by going to Menu, then Sound Settings, then Call Settings, then […]

iPhone 6 Not Getting A6 chip From Samsung?


We all know about Apple’s recent legal battles with Samsung, and as we look towards the iPhone 6 and the potential for an A6 chip (they A5 is currently in the iPad 2 and manufactured by Samsung) there may be a new supplier involved. Taiwan’s TSMC has been given the go ahead to manufacture a […]

Nokia Lumia 920


Nokia Lumia 920 was officially introduced via Nokia press release, the smartphone carries the latest Windows Phone 8 operating system. This smartphone is very innovative and the Lumia 920 is the first Windows Phone smartphones getting PureView typical imaging technology. The latest technology that is supported by most Nokia smartphone is best in its class, […]

iPhone SIM Only Contracts


If you own any of the three iPhones, then sim only deals will be very useful for you. Every one of these deals are only for iPhone users and therefore cater specifically to those needs. At all times you will want a plan with unlimited internet or at the least a plan with a high […]

Choosing A Mobile Operator


We spoke to representatives from the three main companies, so any information we have (accurate or otherwise) was supplied by them. Vodafone: We discovered that they had taken the liberty of adding on some extras to our account that we didn’t need but were still expected to pay for. They’ve also got a really annoying […]