Mobile Payment Systems Evolve With The Times


If you do not yet provide a mobile payment system option for your customers, you should consider it. It is estimated that over 400 million mobile payment users will be active in 2016, and you can lose business without a mobile payment option. Yes, new processing changes are scary, but the system has evolved from […]

Mobile Broadband Coverage


If you’ve landed on this page, the chances are you need broadband internet access on the move. There is little point in finding the best mobile broadband deal, only to discover you haven’t got mobile broadband network coverage in your locality. In a nutshell, you wouldn’t buy a car if there were no petrol stations […]

The Birth of the Mobile Phone


In many ways the father of the mobile phone was Reginald Aubrey Fessenden. He was Canadian and lived from 1866 until 1932. He was an inventor of many things, but his primary obsession was with all things in radio. It is said by some that he was the first person to transmit voice and music. […]

Website Load Times And SEO: What You Need To Know


In an age where gratification for the most part is fairly instantaneous, offering a high speed website makes perfect sense. Too many users believe that ‘time is money’ to accept a site that takes three, four or more seconds to load, and if this is the case, then the back button will be all too […]