Why You Need A Spare Phone On Holiday


This is my second blog on the need to have a spare phone. For those who didn’t see my first, take a look at ‘why you need a spare phone in the car’. So why do you need a spare phone when going abroad? Well in short in case you regular mobile phone gets lost, […]

HTC Desire Z


The great marketing maxim that you shouldn’t be tinkering with a successful product goes out the window with the HTC Desire Z. The Taiwan-based leader in smartphones HTC did just that. It took its highly successfully HTC Desire released this March and decided it can reach more markets by adding a full QWERTY keyboard in […]

Motorola Xoom


The Motorola Xoom, which is the first Android device developed to run the tablet-specific Honeycomb 3.0 OS, will soon be available in the stores. Therefore, users will be able to get a kick-start in the next tablet war. According to first impressions, the device has earned positive feedback. However, a question still remains whether it […]

3D Printers Are Becoming Less Expensive. But Can You Afford To Run One?


Companies that manufacture 3D printers are in a race to the bottom. That is, they are all trying to find ways to price lower-cost models in a way that is attractive for home users and small businesses. Indeed, many manufacturers have managed to put out a few models that cost less than $1000 but still […]

Who Actually Uses Google Maps?


You might be curious as to who in the world uses Google Maps, you might also be wondering who in the world is that girl blocking W 8th Street near Washington Square Park. To answer the first question, only 150 million. We’ll get to the second question a little later. You might remember that since […]

How To Stop BlackBerry Curve From Vibrating


If your BlackBerry Curve is constantly vibrating all of the time, even if you are not being called, texted, or emailed it can be quite annoying.  Here are some things you can try to stop this from happening: 1.  Switch off the vibrate function by going to Menu, then Sound Settings, then Call Settings, then […]