Scanning Your Books Into Digital Format

12117284_book_scanning_service_300x1737If you’re an eBook lover like me in the UK, you’ve probably realised by now, that there aren’t that many eBooks in the world as there are printed books (originals, I mean). So let’s say you’ve found some old books of yours and you would like to convert them into eBooks. How do you do that?

Well, at this point you’ve got three options:

Your first option is to use a book scanning service in the UK. That will set you back a few pounds, but the job will be done decently. The images usually come out nice and straight, the text is clear and visible and they do the dirty job of converting it to multiple formats like PDF, ePub, Kindle (not as easy as it sounds when you want to do a good job). How do they do this? It’s simple. Robotic Book Scanners (They cost a lot).

Your next option is to buy a document scanner and use it to scan your books. That’s actually the worst thing you can do. Why? Because it will set you back hundreds of pounds and while the image is going to be good, the margins will look terrible. So good image quality, but bad margins, curved text, shadows and in the end, basically a ruined book. The bindings on an old book are more prone to breaking of course.

The third and final option is to use your camera to take pictures of the pages. Now this, let’s say it’s so and so. And the reason I say it’s so and so is because while you’re not going to be breaking the binding of the book, the images are not going to be very good. Again the curved text, shadows, etc. But you can improve this, by using a good lighting source.

After you’re done with the scanning you’re going to be wanting to do some file conversion. Your scans will be JPG and you will want to convert them to PDF. Best PDF conversion software we know of is PDF 995.You can do that by using a file conversion software. You can find a great deal of file conversion services online, but watch out for the quality, layout and fonts! They can be tricky sometimes. Just google for “JPG to PDF” for example.

Sounds simple, but there are a lot of factors in the equations. We’ve been doing this for a few years now and we’re constantly learning.