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An open-source platform focused on CRM and B2B Commerce

Robust Business Tools. Customizable Solutions. The Power of a community.

Innovative CRM and B2B eCommerce applications needed for growing your business.

Get a 360-degree view

Get a 360-degree view of your customer across all sales, marketing, and support interactions with a multi-channel CRM

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Take your business into hyper-growth with a B2B eCommerce platform built from the ground up for your enterprise

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Accelerate building your custom business applications

Accelerate building your custom business applications by leveraging Oro’s flexible and open-source platform.

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Our Products Accelerate Business Growth

The only true purposefully built B2B e-Commerce application. All B2B capabilities come out-of-the-box.

Obtain a 360-degree customer view across all customer interactions from sales, marketing, and support functions with a multi-channel CRM.

Accelerate the development of your custom business application and speed up your time to market with Oro’s open source business application platform.

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Oro MeetUp Netherlands

April 19, 2017

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Oro Leadership

Yoav Kutner

Yoav Kutner

Founder and CEO, Oro Inc.

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Jary Carter

Jary Carter

Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

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Dima Soroka

Dima Soroka

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

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Roy Rubin

Roy Rubin


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